About Maccaferri

For more than 140 years, Maccaferri group has globally evolved as a total solution provider to a wide range of civil engineering applications majorly in Geotechnical, Hydraulics, Transportation and Environmental Domains. Maccaferri offers the best range of high quality Engineering solutions in field of Landslide mitigation, Rock fall protection, Flood Control works, Ground Improvement; Pavement & Track bed Stabilization, Coastal & River Bank Protection, Drainage, Erosion Control and Retention works. Maccaferri solutions are popular for their Innovative Concepts, Environmental friendliness, Carbon footprint reduction, Cost effectiveness, Local material usage, Simple to adopt installation methodologies, Flexibility to adapt dynamic forces from earthquakes or floods.

Diversification across business sectors and capacity to seize new opportunities in the world market joining hands with best research institutions are key objectives defining the mission of the Maccaferri Group. Maccaferri do not offer just a simple collaboration but a result oriented partnership, thanks to the extensive portfolio of versatile products, technologies, alternative solution options backed by enormous experience in various Technological fields.

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