Anoop Kumar Agrawal

Anoop Kumar Agrawal

Managing Director, Indian Port Rail Corporation Ltd

1) What growth potential do you see for ever-growing Infrastructure sector in India?

Ans. The infrastructure sector is the growth engine for overall economic development of India. There are huge opportunities for development & investments in the infrastructure sector in India. If one look at the maritime sector of India there are investment opportunities for building new ports, port led industrialization, coastal economic zones, port modernization, development of inland waterways, hinterland connectivity and evacuation infrastructure. To make optimum use of India’s 7,500 kms long coastline, 14,500 km of potentially navigable waterways and strategic location on key international maritime trade routes, the Government of India has embarked on the ambitious Sagarmala Programme which aims to promote port-led development in the country. 150+ projects have been identified under Sagarmala. It is expected to mobilize approximately USD 50-60 Bn.  of  infrastructure investment and approximately 100 USD bn. of industrial investment. The Indian Port Rail Corporation Limited (IPRCL) was incorporated on 10th July 2015 to undertake the port-rail connectivity projects under Sagarmala Programme.

2)  What are the qualities you look for in your vendor/suppliers before choosing them for any project?

Ans. IPRCL practises the online e-tendering system to get the best offers from prospective vendors/suppliers. It looks for the lowest possible price keeping the quality in mind too. We believe in following the government approved QCBS (Quality cum Cost Based System) rating system. The track record, performance, experience of similar work, financial capacity, adherence to time-lines are some of the qualities we look for in vendors/suppliers. We aim to follow the best practices in the industry to keep the tendering system transparent and fair. For some items which are regularly used like computers, printers, etc IPRCL uses Government E-Marketplace (GEM) which has short-listed the vendors on rate contract already and it facilitates direct purchase for government organisations at a competitive price.

3)  What are your views on “The Economic Times Infra Focus Summit” and how important do you to feel is the need of organizing such summits?

Ans. The infrastructure sector is one of the key drivers of the Indian economy. The investment needed in future is huge. The way forward is through PPP (Public Private Participation) Model. Infrastructure has to focus on sustenance, innovation and modernization. Such summits provide good networking opportunities. The Times Group is highly reputed. The Economic Times Infra Focus Summit is a good platform to network with key decision makers from the government, ministries, various organizations and businesses. There is a need for such summits for networking, to learn about latest developments and also provide good media coverage to spread the awareness of the initiatives taken by both government organizations and industry in infra sector.