Supporting Council
The Smart Cities Council amplifies the impact, influence and success of its member companies while contributing to the livability, workability and sustainability of the world’s urban areas. World’s premier consortium of smart city practitioners and experts 120+ member and advisor organizations employing 1.5 million+ people generating $2.7 trillion+ in annual revenues that have worked on 5,000+ smart city projects past and present

Our Council is a coalition of leading independent experts as well as global technology companies that are combining their intellectual capital to help accelerate

Smart cities worldwide. We are now‘Dream Team’ of the sector’s very top companies. Our Readiness Guide is acknowledged as the world’s best comprehensive, vendor-neutral handbook.

We give cities trusted, vendor-neutral guidance and best practices from the world’s leading experts. With our help cities gain:
  • Confidence and tools to procure the right solutions
  • Capacity to improve livability, workability and sustainability
  • An ecosystem of expert and collaborative smart city practitioners
  • A network of peers for knowledge exchange
  • Access to extensive resources on the web and at our events and workshop