Smart Cities: Their Ideas and Impact

Smart cities hold the key to a better quality of life, but they need to be done right The dream is clear; the nation is looking to build 100 Smart Cities across the country and Rs 7,060 crore was set aside in the 2014 Budget. But the question remains, is this an idea whose time […]

Challenges and Opportunities for Indian Infrastructure

The 3rd Annual ET Infra Focus Summit looks to highlighting the issues and opportunities of the infrastructure sector. India’s extensive infrastructure needs are well documented. Decades of chronic underinvestment have left the country with a pressing need for infrastructure across railways, roads, ports, airports, telecommunications and electricity generation. Indeed, the Indian business community continues to […]

5 key action areas for Indian Infrastructure

For infrastructure to move forward, these are 5 areas we need to focus on Even as India powers forward confidently into an age of prosperity, the need for new-age, quality infrastructure is all too apparent. The question needs to be asked; exactly how do we answer this conundrum? Here are five key areas that we […]

The Pressing Need for Infrastructure

The 3rd annual edition of the ET Infra Focus Summit highlights exactly why infrastructure needs fresh impetus It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that India needs a shot in the arm when it comes to upgrading the infrastructure of the country. It is not only an imperative for economic development, but also […]

Delhi to Mumbai in a flash

What if businesses could ship their goods between these great cities in a fraction of the time it takes today? Inspired by Japan’s Tokyo-Osaka industrial corridor, India’s powers-that-be plan to make the world’s largest infrastructural project snaking from Delhi to Mumbai. Encompassing 2 power plants, 24 smart cities, 23 industrial hubs, 6 airports, 2 ports […]

Building the infrastructure

The 3rd annual edition of the ET Infra Focus Summit promises to shine a light on the critical sector Infrastructure is one of the big focus areas for India as a nation since it’s growth and development is central to the growth of the nation. To this end, the government’s proposed National Infrastructure and Investment […]