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Water Technology Partner

VA TECH WABAG, a leading Indian MNC and a nine decades young pure play water technology provider, is committed to serving the planet by helping it become cleaner and greener by way of providing clean, safe, sustainable water and waste water treatment solutions.

WABAG specializes in creating large scale sustainable water infrastructure and other allied services based on strong technological competence.

The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end solutions for different water segments such as drinking water, industrial waste water, municipal waste water, industrial and process water, desalination and recycling. A rich intellectual capital covering over 100 processes and product patents is leveraged to provide customized solutions in challenging terrains.

WABAG has a track record of having completed over 2250 projects in the last three decades. WABAG established three R&D Centres in Switzerland, Austria and India and two International Engineering Centres in Pune and Vadodara. WABAG’s presence spans across 17 countries and three continents.

WABAG makes a real difference to people and this planet by facilitating access to clean drinking water and keeping the carbon footprint under check.

“WABAG INDIA is the leader in waste water treatment market” according to a published report by TechSci Research.

According to Water Desalination Report published by Global Water Intelligence, “VA TECH WABAG is one of the top ten Desalination plant suppliers”
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