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Infrastructure is a vital ingredient to economic growth, is a key measure of a country's position on the global stage and is also the second pillar that is assessed by the World Economic Forum when determining the competitiveness of a nation and attractiveness to an investor. Thus, the need of well-planned infrastructure for promoting sustained & inclusive economic growth cannot be over emphasized.

Understanding the need of developing infrastructure to meet global trade requirements, recent times in India has seen multiple policy initiatives like higher budgetary allocations, introduction of industrial corridors, tax reliefs and innovative PPP models. But, there is still a large gap between infrastructure demand and supply.

This gap can largely be attributed to severe bottlenecks in planning and execution processes like delays in approvals, lack of financial investments, delay in project completions and subsequently increased resources costs; all stagnating the pace of infrastructure development. Therefore, to ridge this gap it makes all the more sense that emphasis is not just limited to policies but moves ahead on results and executions.

A major reform can be achieved if leaders and visionaries of the industry come together on a platform to address the critical issues and discuss optimal solutions. In this perspective, ET Edge is pleased to introduce Economic Times Infra Focus Summit bringing together visionaries, policy makers and senior industryleaders to discuss solutions that will help infrastructure move beyond policies to implementation.
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