Although the magnanimity of development of any economy can be judged by its GDP, the level of its bankability can be gauged by its Infrastructure. As a rapidly growing economy in the recent years, India is witnessing a huge demand for creating efficient and bankable Infrastructure as there will be a paradigm shift in the next decade due to vast Urbanisation. According to reports 70% of current rural population will be shifting to the cities in search of better lives by the year 2030 which will further create a need for additional sustainable Infrastructure.

Taking stock of the situation, The Government of India has announced & estimated huge investment requirements for providing infrastructure to define norms and also supporting the growth process. They have also identified the need for introducing modern technologies to increase the speed and efficiency of developing this infrastructure. Therefore, we can clearly state that the Government of India is actively striving towards a sustainable Infrastructure in the country by meticulously planning & executing varied projects.

The Economic Times Initiative

In light of positive market sentiments & inclusive growth, for India’s economy to reach another level in becoming an economically stable nation, focus has to shift to improving quality of life of its occupants. However, we believe that quality of life cannot be improved until we have proper Infrastructure which is sustainable & dynamic enough for future resilience. The Economic Times, believe the current steps taken by the Central & State Governments will ensure equal distribution of better lives thus leading to better employment & livable opportunities in the future.